What if social service agencies collaborated to build a network of systems that shared electronic information to enhance customer service, outcomes, and agency efficiency?

SMC Partners worked with several agencies to achieve this vision.


Benefits of a Fully Integrated Data Management Solution

  • Increased agency efficiency
    • Accurate, unduplicated reporting within & across agencies
    • Streamlined processes that reduce duplicate data entry
    • State required reports (e.g., ROMA) across different agencies and systems within seconds
    • Improved agency management with dashboard reporting and program-specific, cross-program, organizational, supervisory and legislative district reporting
  • Improved client outcomes
    • Consistent, seamless and proactive case management with standardized assessments, automated reminders for follow-up activities and data tracking
    • Cross-program data sharing with sophisticated security for confidential data
    • Historical client progress tracking and trending over time in key areas or “dimensions”
  • Improved program utilization
    • Determine program eligibility with the click of a button
    • Supports “no wrong door” policy
  • Expanded community impact using accurate unduplicated data and legislative district reporting
    • Improve outreach efforts
    • Facilitate requests for additional funding

Integrated Data Management Solution

Case Management System (CMS):   Comprehensive feature-rich system assesses and tracks customers and household data over time, identifies clients’ strengths and weaknesses and, with the goal of self-sufficiency, aligns these individuals with the best services available and manages them through to achievement of planned outcomes. CMS feeds data to and consumes data from the Data Bridge warehouse on a nightly basis, integrates with ABC to determine program eligibility and calculate benefits in real-time and has multiple-agency capabilities.

 Automated Benefits Calculator (ABC):  A web-based prescreening tool integrated with the suite of solutions that provides an individualized print-out to case managers and clients via the Internet that quickly and easily determines potential eligibility for a variety of local, state and federal programs AND calculates estimated benefits. Available in Spanish and English.

 Statewide Data Bridge:  A central repository of unduplicated person and household records showing the total picture of client interaction with participating agencies including demographics, eligibility, referrals, services, and outcomes tracking and reporting across multiple agencies and programs. Nightly automatic updates of data from program specific systems, including state or federally mandated systems and other case management or off-the-shelf solutions. Nightly extracts of data to the CMS. Automated state mandated reports.