Prepare for Value-Based Payments

We are health information technology and practice operations advisors on federally funded Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) programs to help providers prepare for value-based payments.

Electronic Health Records Systems

We’ll help you plan, select, implement and integrate the right Electronic Health Records system specific to your unique situation and requirements.

Achieve Meaningful Use (MU) of EHR Systems

We assist hospitals and providers in achieving Meaningful Use (MU) of their EHR systems. As the managers of Connecticut’s Regional Extension Center, we have helped 1,300 primary care providers achieve MU. We configure clinical systems to deliver MU compliance.

Configure PopHealth Open Source Software to Meet Your Needs

We leverage popHealth open source tools along with our configurable provider dashboard to acquire patient administrative and clinical data, calculate and report clinical quality measures and other measures of value.

Ready to Talk?

We’re always open to discussing new projects and how we can help.