Technology to Link Community Participants

We provide policies, processes and the right technology to link community participants, including Data Use and Reciprocal Support Agreements (DURSA), consent processes, education and outreach materials.

Health Information Exchange Implementation

We are experienced in delivering:

  • Person identity resolution
  • Event registering and notification
  • Clinical laboratory orders and results
  • Radiology orders and results
  • Multi-directional sharing of Consolidated-Clinical Documents (C-CDA)
  • Real-time alerts based on events and patient data
  • Integration with secure messaging systems
  • Patient and provider portal configuration
  • Integration with real-time diagnostic tools

Integrate Physical, Behavioral and Social Data

Our services integrate physical, behavioral and social data to provide a holistic view of the patient for multiple care managers, care givers and community service providers, with the appropriate treatment of substance abuse and all sensitive information.

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