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By December 18, 2018 News

SMC Partners, LLC teams with Boston Children’s Hospital to release the SafetyMap system to help ensure the safety of employees and patients

 The top-rated pediatric hospital in the U.S. has collaborated with SMC Partners to put environmental health and safety in the hands of its staff.  The web-based SafetyMap application co-developed by Boston Children’s Hospital and SMC Partners has mobile functionality for employees to identify and address safety issues and health concerns.  SafetyMap is a culmination of seven years of Boston Children’s Hospital’s investment in process and system development with the objective of predicting and preventing accidents.

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BOSTON, December 18, 2018 — SMC Partners, LLC (, a consulting and technology company that develops application systems for healthcare and social services providers, and Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), the leading children’s hospital in the United States have co-developed SafetyMap which is now live at BCH.  BCH’s Environmental Health & Safety and Digital Health Accelerator teams contributed their best practices and EH&S data management knowledge; SMC developed the system that puts that knowledge in the hands of front line users.   In collaboration with BCH, SMC is now offering the system to other hospitals, which are invited to join a group of thought leaders to share best practices and gather data to enhance health and safety processes and results throughout the industry.  Solutions for Patient Safety ( is a network of 130+ children’s hospitals and SPS has announced a new program focused on reducing employee injuries, and thereby reducing patient risk.

Nick Kielbania, MS, CSP, CHMM, Boston Children’s Environmental Health & Safety Director, explains, “Most people don’t realize that hospitals are among the most complex environments to keep safe for staff, patients and visitors.  Unlike other industry sectors, healthcare contains various degrees of risk.   Around the clock operations, construction projects, chemical and fire hazards, employee injuries and regulatory oversight from federal, state and local governmental bodies all contribute to the challenges we face.   Every day, thousands of employees and patients come through our doors, presenting significant challenges that need to be addressed.  The SafetyMap application suite enables us to eliminate paperwork and manual processes so we can focus our resources on increased field activities.  These activities help minimize negative health and safety outcomes and rapidly adopt successful risk mitigation strategies.”

Scott Cleary, SMC’s President and Chief Servant states, “This is a unique opportunity for SMC to impact results in an area of significant concern – and cost – for our hospital clients.  BCH has been at the forefront of effective environmental health and safety programs, so it is very special to be partners with such a leader.  They provide EH&S subject matter expertise; we build the software to make their vision come to life.  We have built the system on a technology platform that can support multiple hospital clients.  The vision that we share with BCH is that this platform will enable thought leaders to come together to share the system and data to develop best practices that can help everyone in the industry enhance their EH&S outcomes.”

The SafetyMap application suite provides a comprehensive, web-based platform to mitigate risk and liability – while improving safety and workflow efficiency for employees within healthcare, research and construction environments. The application automates the hospital’s comprehensive health and safety processes so that staff can be freed to address issues instead of processing paper. Using mobile technology enables front line patient care teams to report safety issues as they arise so intervention can occur before accidents happen. The system automates the administration of fire drills on every floor in every building on every shift, manages radiation safety checks in X-Ray departments, enforces construction methods and procedures, and helps ensure that research staff wear protective equipment, have close-by eyewash stations, and handle hazardous bio and chemical materials with care.

The SafetyMap application suite currently supports more than a thousand registered users including architects, contractors, subcontracts, engineers, patient care staff, facilities staff, and the safety teams.  It is the system that enables all these users to share the same set of expectations, policies, procedures, assessment criteria, workflow, communication and data collection tools.

Nick Kielbania summarizes, “SafetyMap helps reinforce the critical importance of safety.  It’s an everyday thing, and it’s everybody’s job, from leadership to the front lines.”

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