Our Vision

Nurtured Families

Our families are our first priority…our children, our friends, our parents, our significant others …when they are in balance so are we. When they need help we drop what we’re doing and we go. You don’t need permission to go to your child’s soccer game. We know you will get your client work done.

Fulfilled Teammates

One for all and all for one. The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf. We are a team. We succeed together or we fail together. We teach each other. Mentoring is part of the job, but we all love the responsibility. Learning is paramount. It’s fun and it’s required. After our families, our teammates are most important. They buoy us. We cannot succeed without them. We have a responsibility to make sure each person is doing meaningful work.

Successful Clients

We are in business to serve clients. When our clients succeed we reap emotional and financial rewards. We are focused on client outcomes, and we propose our services only when we can contribute to those outcomes. The individuals on our client teams love what they do. SMC consultants are in balance and can focus our energy on delivering results. Pound for pound, we simply deliver more value than competitors of any size. Successful clients hire us again and again. Our client relationships are truly win-win, and continuous value creation leads to lifetime relationships and sustainable revenues instead of one-off projects. Trusting clients who share our values? They too are members of our family.

Servant Leaders

We all water the plants and wash the dishes. SMC Partners leaders love to do work, and they are good at it. We have a passion for designing and building client solutions, not being king or queen. Each of us listens, seeks to understand, and then writes things down. We deliver the deliverables, and the bosses have to pull their weight. And teach all the time. In the trenches. Our leaders have a responsibility to the next generation. “He who wants to be first among you must be servant to all.” Humble servants who are the best in the business and know how to teach world class skills can create a truly special client service company.

Our Mission

  • Help Clients Grow
  • Help People Succeed
  • Improve the Health and Social Services Environments

Our Values

  • Trusting relationships
  • Respect for each individual
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Creating emotional and economic value
  • Stewardship
  • Transparency
  • Balance

SMC leadership is committed to every member of the organization, and we consistently have meetings at the leadership level where everyone is welcome to share their opinions and/or concerns.

Zach ClearyBusiness Consultant, SMC Partners

I love my job because of the team culture. When working as a team your ideas and input are valued no matter your age, experience level, etc.

Katie McGarryBusiness Consultant, SMC Partners

Ready to Talk?

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